#lamejokesrule BOOKS

Volume II – paperback, ebook, audiobook

Volume I – paperback, ebook, audiobook

“A great collection. These will keep my kids rolling (or groaning) and keep me as the lamest of lame.– Idaho Daddy Jay

Chris Doelle has always been a fan of lame, corny jokes and has become known as quite the jokester online. His hashtag #lamejokesrule has grown into an online phenomenon prompting the release of this book. This collection of one-liners, rib ticklers and belly laughs are just a sampling of what you can get by following Chris online via his many social media profiles. Enjoy!

His first joke book, Lame Jokes Rule: Volume I published in 2017 was an instant success thanks to three years of publishing jokes on social media prior to the publication.

Lame Jokes Rule: Volume II published in 2019 continued his love of telling insanely stupid jokes, gut-busters and guffaws. Both books are now available in paperback, ebook or audiobook.

“I just love these jokes. They instantly brighten up my day!– Kathy J

“Chris has collected the corniest, cheesiest dad jokes ever. They are a laugh riot.” – Margaret M




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